Pricing & Process
Pencil Portrait pricing is based on:
  • 1- The size of the portrait

  • 2- The number of subjects (people or animals) in the portrait

  • 3- The complexity of the subject (How much detail)

  • ​Portraits are​ priced by size and include one subject unless otherwise determined.

  • Each extra subject is an additional cost.

  • More detailed subjects (i.e. detailed background, additional foreground and/ or background objects, unusual or detailed poses, etc.) will be quoted upon review of the photograph.

  • Tax is already included in commission and any additional prints.

  • First subject + Additional Subject Cost + Shipping Cost = Portrait Cost

Also, I work on an 8 to 12 week timetable, please let me know in advance if you need the drawing by a specific date. Finally, I use Priority Mail to ship finished drawings. Refer to the link below for shipping cost.


Portrait Sizes & Pricing (B/W Pencil & Charcoal)
Portrait Sizes & Pricing (Colored Pencil/ Pastel)

When you order a drawing from me you are purchasing a highly detailed piece of artwork. My drawings are done on acid free, heavy weight, vellum surface. I also spray all of my works with UV absorbing fixative.

Additional Prints of Your Portrait

Note: Print sizes should not be larger than the original drawing. They can be the same size, or smaller.

Tax included in cost of prints and portrait.

The Process


Be sure to let me know what size you want and how many subjects there will be. Also, the higher resolution photograph you send me the better. The file upload will send your image to a drop box and can handle up to 10MB. This is the best option for larger pictures or multiple pictures. If you have a smaller image, the "Chat with me" button can send up to 2MB.

Don Scott

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